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About Me

Hey there! As you may have gathered, my name is Mariesa, pronounced MUH-REE-SUH (not Marissa).  Or MAH-REE-EH-SUH if  you are Italian, or feeling fancy. I grew up in the smallest state in the capitol city, and moved to the country about three years ago. I reside with my two Siberian Husky girls and my (now) husband, Christopher. We have been together for over four years and recently wed in Positano, Italy in a very small and intimate ceremony. We live every day lives just like anyone, and during the day I run my own pet services business boarding and walking dogs. I'm part of the CrossFit community, my favorite color is yellow, I am a makeup junkie, and food is my best friend. 

About My Beliefs

I am vegan for the animals, for myself, and for the planet. I was always an advocate for animal rights, but my actions didn't align with my ethics. I campaigned for a more  compassionate world while still eating dead animals and supporting a corrupt and immoral business. I hadn't made the connection yet. Through education and awareness, I realized that I wasn't doing all that I could. If I loved animals so much why was I contributing to their pain? My eyes opened to the living beings that existed before they ended up on my plate, or in the supermarket. I went vegetarian, but very quickly realized (within not even one month) that the egg and dairy industries are just as horrendous, if not worse, than the meat industry. I went completely vegan and never looked back. I changed my habits and along with adapting a planet based diet, all of my clothing, housewares, toiletries, and beauty products are completely vegan and cruelty free as well. Vegan is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.

About My Mission

I really do believe that the world is changing. Every day more people are making small adjustments to their everyday lives, or overhauling their beliefs entirely. While sometimes this world may seem dark and disheartening, I know there are people who exist that are working toward a brighter and more compassionate future. I want to be a part of that. I get so many questions almost on a daily basis about a vegan lifestyle, or a plant based diet. If I can educate even one person and maybe change their point of view, it is all worth it to me. The animals and the planet need our help. This earth is all of ours to share, and I will always spread that message no matter what. We are equal sentient beings and deserve a chance at a happy life, or just life in general. I want to offer as much information and advice as possible to show everyone that you can easily live a conscious lifestyle without sacrificing your favorite things, spending too much money, or inconveniencing your daily routine. Not to sound cliche, but we can make a difference and I'd love to help you on your journey! 

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