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Monday, February 12, 2018

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, everyone has mixed feelings. Some people celebrate while others don’t, and some people feel as though they have no reason for celebration at all. I wanted to put together a small gift guide that will be great for anyone shopping for their significant other, for a friend, or even for themselves. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Celebrate all of your relationships, especially your relationship with yourself! I tried to pick more unique items that can be personalized to whoever will be receiving them and I kept them all in a fairly affordable range. So whether you wanted to pick up a sweet token to make someone smile, or get them a gift they’ll really adore, I have you covered!

For Her

Candles: I don't care who you are, everyone loves candles. They smell good, they are relaxing, they create a romantic glow, I could go on. You just want to make sure you get the right candle. We have all received that throwaway gift from someone that happened to be a Yankee Candle in a scent you've never even heard of, and once you smell it, you know exactly why. There's just something not enticing about a bright pink candle that smells like candy that has been rolled around in dirt. As far as candles go, soy is what you want, and smaller businesses are where you want to purchase. Not only are you supporting a personally owned business, but the ingredients are higher quality. My favorite shop for candles is Soy Much Brighter, which is a New England based vegan company. The owner herself is vegan and even has two candles that give back. The "Vegan Because" candle donates 10% of all proceeds to a different animal rescue every month, and the "Resist" candle donates 30% of the profits from each purchase to your choice of 2 organizations. You can read more on their website. Another New England based small business that I love is Cottage Wicks. All of their candles are made with soy and natural ingredients, and they offer soaps, lotions, and potions as well! Definitely check out their unique items for the witchy woman in your life. 

Chocolate: If you wanted to go the more traditional route of flowers and candy, there are plenty of cruelty free ways to do so! If you're lucky enough to grab one of the Vegan Treats gourmet chocolate boxes, you will not regret it. They are on the pricier side, but so worth it, and the chocolates you get are rich and have a delicious depth of flavor. If that is a little outside of your price range (or they've sold out!), there is also No Whey Foods allergen-free chocolate boxes. There is a variety of options to pick from, and equally as decadent! Your Valentine (or you!) will not be disappointed. 

Jewelry: Personally, I am not a massive jewelry person. My engagement ring is the fanciest adornment I will probably ever own. If you or someone you know happens to be a minimalist like me, you will love Mejuri jewelry. Their designs are fairly priced for the quality, and quite unique yet so simple. Their necklaces, rings, and earrings utilize different textures and shapes to create something beautifully understated, but exceptional. Every piece is ethically created, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Books: I think a book that reminded you of someone can be the most thoughtful gift. It shows that you know them well, and you're considerate of their current place in life. If you have a woman in your life and you want them to know exactly how important (and badass) they are, Rupi Kaur has the most gorgeous and empowering poetry. Her two books are both amazing reads. You can go through each in just one sitting, or turn to any random page to see what words speak to you that day. She tells stories of the strength and vitality of the female spirit, as well as delving into our most vulnerable moments that shadow our minds. 

For Him

Personal Care: If you have a guy in your life who thinks that taking care of himself means maybe brushing his hair once or twice a week and doing the absolute bare minimum, gifting him some self care items might be surprisingly appreciated. Urban Oreganics has a few of my favorite products, which are made with organic and clean ingredients. Their beard oil is amazing for men with scruffy facial hair that needs a little extra help or moisture in the colder months. I swear they forget there is actually skin under all of that fur, and this oil helps keep it hydrated and heals any irritation. Their pomade is also great for guys who like to take a few extra steps when getting ready. It provides a flexible hold, so no stiff or sticky aftereffects, and it can be used in sideburns or mustaches as well. One more item for the burly lumberjack in your life, Lush's Kalamazoo beard and face wash. My husband absolutely loves this stuff and it keeps his wavy beard soft and manageable as well as leaving a really nice scent. 

Accessories: Whether it's a new wallet, belt, or briefcase, you can find all three and more at Will's Vegan Shoes. Will's offers high quality vegan leather items that are impeccably made and worth the higher price point. We have quite a few items from them and each have lasted just as well, if not better, than our old non-vegan items. Chris bought his wedding shoes from this company and even my father (who considers himself a fashion aficionado) could not tell the difference in materials. Chris also has a pair of boots, sneakers, and a belt from Will's and has been extremely pleased with every purchase. 

Clothing: Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man, right? If your fella is in the market for a new suit, Brave GentleMan is an ethical, vegan, luxury line that he will love. From their website: "Brave GentleMan does things differently. We embrace a slow-fashion production model. We invest in sustainable innovation, superior vegan materials, ethical labor & classic styles made with quality." They have a massive variety of clothing that can fit any guy's style, and you can feel good about your purchases because you'll know it is all vegan, ethical, and created with sustainability in mind.

Bits and Bobs: Cologne - Jack Black's Blue Mark™ Eau De Parfum. Watch - Daniel Wellington Classic Cornwall watch with vegan NATO strap. 

So whether you're looking to brighten up your partner's day, treat yourself, or let a friend know that they are appreciated, here's a variety of items that will really make them feel good. I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it helpful (despite it being a little late...). What are you all doing for Valentine's Day? Going out to a fancy dinner, or staying in with some friends for wine and pizza? Let me know in the comments below, and tag me on Instagram if you happen to purchase any of the items mentioned! 


  1. I need to make a trip to Cottage Wicks asap ~ ... ps... Books are amazing ✨

  2. I think you need to treat yourself to some of their goodies!


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