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Monday, January 15, 2018

Metta Skincare: Intensive Replenishing Face Balm | One Love Organics: Skin Dew, Skin Savior | Derma-E: Anti-Wrinkle Renewal Cream |
Juice Beauty: Age Defy Hand Cream | Lush: Charity Pot | Hurraw: Moon Balm | Metta: Coconut Lip Balm

With winter comes snowball fights and nights spent by the fire; hot (vegan!) cocoa and fuzzy blankets. Unfortunately, what also comes along with it is dry, flaky skin! The freezing temperatures, cold wind, and dry air can take a toll on our skin, but luckily there is a way to combat it. Having a skincare regimen is important all year round, but especially in the winter months when it needs a little extra help. Incorporating a few extra steps can make all the difference. I’m going to share some of my favorite products, along with some helpful tips that will undoubtedly have your skin looking and feeling hydrated and plump!

First and foremost, skincare starts from the inside out. Drink water! Lots of it. This will always be the most integral point in taking care of your skin. The general rule is that you want to drink half of your bodyweight in ounces, and I find it is much easier for me to get my daily hydration if I have a larger container to drink it out of. If I only have to fill up a couple times, it makes it seem more obtainable than trying to drink 10+ glasses of water. Whether it is a half-gallon water bottle, or a 40 oz. cup (like this one), there are plenty of options. Along with water, fruits and vegetables are your best friends! Dark leafy greens like kale and spinach along with blueberries, apples, strawberries, pineapple, papaya, bananas (you get the picture) all promote healthy skin because of their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant assets. They promote skin renewal and a punch of hydration, along with aiding in digesting, which in turn helps with skin congestion. You really can’t go wrong.

The products I use in my skincare routine rotate frequently as I am always trying new things, but there are a few staples that I always come back to. My all-time favorite skincare brands are Osea Malibu, Derma-E, One Love Organics, Juice Beauty, and Metta. All of these products can be purchased either directly at their respective product websites, or all together from Petit Vour. As always, all products are cruelty free and vegan. 

Cleansing: Whether it is morning or night, I always start with cleansing. If I have makeup on that day, I always remove my makeup and then cleanse. I have normal to oily skin, so I tend to grab whatever I feel like my skin needs that day. Sometimes it is a brightening cleanser for pigmentation, or an exfoliating cleanser if my skin tends to be more congested. During the winter, if you have particularly dry skin, a creamy based cleanser is preferable. The Osea Malibu 'Cleansing Milk' is amazing for this. Another option at a drug store price point would be the Derma-E 'Hydrating Cleanser'. The One Love Organics 'Easy Does It' foaming cleanser gets a favorable mention for being very gentle, therefore great for sensitive winter skin.

Toning: No matter your skin type, you always want to tone after cleansing. Water throws off the pH balance of your skin and toning corrects that. You don’t necessarily need a spa grade toner for this, and all skincare lines carry some type of toner. You can even make your own and rose water would do just fine and is a fraction of the price!

Serums: Serums are more heavily concentrated and really offer your skin the push of hydration that it needs when the weather is wreaking havoc on your face. Anything hyaluronic is going to be amazing, as it attracts up to 1,000 X its weight in water. It basically pulls the moisture from the air like a magnet and glues it to your face. Osea Malibu (are you sensing a theme yet) offer a luxurious hyaluronic serum, but if you aren’t in the position to splurge, Derma-E also offers a hydrating serum that is a little easier on the wallet.

Moisturizers: For during the day (and depending on your skin type) something like the Osea Malibu 'Atmosphere Protection Cream' is an absolute savior. I know, I’m sorry. I love Osea Malibu and I can’t help it. Their products have never steered me wrong and I cannot recommend them enough. Pictured above I have two moisturizers as well as two balms, all of which keep my skin on point when spending the freezing days outdoors for hours. I use the wrinkle cream at night and the skin dew morning or night. The Metta balm will be best for dry or mature skin types during the day, and for oily types as a rich hydrating treatment at night. The OLO balm I would only recommend at night time for an extreme treatment, but it can also be used on lips, hands, elbows, cuticles, etc.

Lips and Hands: Our lips and hands can sometimes withstand the worst damage when the temperature drops. To combat this, I always carry a lip balm with me (and stash a few all over my house as well as in my car) and I have a few that I use as overnight treatments. If my lips are looking particularly Tyrone Biggums that day, I will use the thicker balms repeatedly. My hands get absolutely wrecked in the winter, so overnight I slather on a thick hand cream and put on cotton gloves to try and heal the cracked skin the best I can. The Juice Beauty cream I linked above is amazing, and the OLO balm is also great when trying to heal any rough areas.

If all else fails – coconut oil. Organic coconut oil can be used to treat chapped lips, dry hands, cracked elbows, you name it. However, as it is comedogenic, I would not recommend ever using it on the face. I have acne prone skin, so that means coconut oil on my face is a big no-no. That aside, it is easily accessible and affordable, so always good to have on hand. What are some of your favorite winter skincare must-haves? Comment them below! 

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